July 31, 2022

Do not rush to grow the child

Some parents want to realize all their missed opportunities and dreams through their children. This makes them less concerned about their child’s childhood and constantly thinking […]
July 6, 2022

actively engage with your child

How much should you actively engage with your child? “Children are innately curious; they want to explore their environment. Everything’s so new, it’s a big world […]
July 6, 2022

babies need human touch

Why do babies need human touch? “There’s pretty good research evidence now about the importance of touch in newborn babies, not just for human beings but, […]
July 6, 2022

nutrition affect brain development

How does nutrition affect brain development?   “A baby will get all the nutritional needs they need from breastmilk and we say that it’s really important […]
July 6, 2022

Baby`s brain

Can a baby’s brain be stimulated while it’s still in the womb? “For some time, a number of years ago, it was thought that babies being […]
June 22, 2022

Why do babies sleep so much?

                Question 2                                  […]
June 14, 2022

Interesting Statistics About Birth

  Interesting Statistics About Birth   Using data from the US Social Security Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, analysts found that historically, there are […]
June 13, 2022

Delivering the Placenta

  Once she delivers the baby, the new mother will experience contractions again between five and 30 minutes later that help separate the placenta from the […]
June 11, 2022

Cutting the Umbilical Cord

After the baby is born, the doctor clamps, then cuts, the umbilical cord, leaving a stump that dries and falls off between five to 15 days […]