About rainbow childcare

Welcome to rainbow childcare

Safoora is a proud mother of one child. safoora is the founder ,owner and director of rainbow’s childcare.safoora worked as preschool teacher in Iran.

Safoora is warm,loving and sweet person who relates to her students in a patient and calm manner
She really loves being with children and this shows in the way her students respond to her with positive energy and focused attention.

At rainbow childcare we offer the safest healthiest and nurturing environment for your child to explore,develop and grow though learning and play.

Our childcare is your child’s home while a way from his or her own home.

Rainbow’s childcare also provides healthy hot lunch,dinner and snacks to keep pur child energetic and focused the whole day and with an afternoon nap to help the children relax

What will your child get form rainbow childcare

  1. we provide proper supervision and individualized care
  2. we help build strong and stable relationships between the child and adults
  3. we provide a safe and healthy environment offering ample space
  4. our program is licensed by state of California

Towards children and enjoy teaching and playing with them

Rainbow childcare teacher’s are parents who have an experience of raising strong, loving and happy children.

Rainbow childcare is bilingual offering both English and Farsi We provide learning activities from puzzles to painting and poetry Fingerprint and background are clear with first Aid and CPR certificates.